Configuring Multifactor Authentication in Office 365

Setting up MFA for your Office 365 account will better protect your email and account.  The example below uses your cell phone number as your authenticator, but you can select other devices/apps to authenticate with.  To set it up for your cell phone, please go through the following steps: Click […]

IT Spring Cleaning

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2023, below are some lessons on what is happening in the world, what to keep your eyes on and what to do if you come across malicious activity. Business Email Compromise Business Email Compromise is a type of scam targeting companies who […]

Holiday Email Phishing 101

As we approach the holiday season, cybercrime continues to spike due to the large sums of money that get transacted on the Internet during this time.  According to the FTC, Americans lost $6.1 billion to scams in 2021. There are many types of scams that continue to infiltrate our everyday […]

How to Stimulate Remote Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

With so many platforms for collaboration on the market, it can be hard to choose which is the best for your needs. Here’s why Microsoft Teams could be the right platform for you. Collaborative platforms are more important than ever, regardless of whether your employees are working from the office […]

Power Apps Makes App Development Easy & Efficient

Microsoft recently introduced Power Apps, an app development platform that empowers organizations to build custom apps to overcome unique business challenges. Microsoft Power Apps is a low code app development platform designed to empower small and mid-sized businesses to build professional web and mobile apps. The platform’s intuitive interface allows […]