Chicago Law Firm Retains GO Technology Group for Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity & Vendor Management for a Trouble-Free Decade

Partner in charge of the firm’s IT “Couldn’t be happier”

When a partner at Gozdecki, Del Giudice, Americus, Farkas & Brocato in Chicago was having trouble with the firm’s IT provider, he did what any smart litigator would do: he found a better IT provider.

You can’t litigate your way to a more reliable system of technology, but you can spend a lot more time on your clients’ litigation if you don’t have to worry about whether your technology is up to the task.

That’s the beauty of a great partnership between an IT vendor and a busy law firm. Like the perfect precedent, the right IT support provider is a tremendous edge.

“I couldn’t be happier,” the litigator said of his decision to switch to GO Technology Group nearly a decade ago.

“They are exceptionally responsive, not terribly expensive, and I think they go beyond.” GO Technology Group founder and CEO John Marta “is willing to drop everything and make sure we’re up and running. They’re practical, cost efficient, and responsive,” he said.

GO Technology Group: IT Support for Law Firms

Among the things the 18-lawyer Chicago firm no longer has to worry about:

  • Day-to-day maintenance of the firm’s hardware, software and servers
  • Software updates and integrations
  • Cybersecurity and ransomware protection
  • Cybersecurity training and education
  • Working with software vendors to troubleshoot issues to ensure responsiveness
  • Keeping up with the right technology

“He is our first line of defense for everything,” the partner said. “Practice management software, document management, billing software – all of these things have to talk to each other. It’s taken care of and that’s massively important. If we cannot work, we cannot service our clients’ needs.”

Law Firm Managed IT Support Examples

Beyond the day-to-day reliability that keeps things going in the law firm, the partner cites example after example of GO Technology Group’s help with troubleshooting, including providing the support and set-up the firm needed to move quickly to remote work in early 2020.

The pandemic was a test of reliability that no one could have imagined and GO Technology proved themselves pandemic ready, he said.

“They did phenomenally well,” the partner said of the GO Tech team. “Most of our lawyers have laptops but none of our paralegal or admins had laptops. We were able to get everybody set up as quickly as possible.”

When the partner got stuck in Arizona and couldn’t get the bandwidth he needed to keep working, Marta and the GO Technology team were able to set up a piece of the server to enable the lawyer to access his email and other files. Once, the GO Technology team arranged to deliver one of their own computers when the partner’s own laptop died. “They set up and dropped it off – same day.” Such responsiveness earned GO Technology plenty of fans among the lawyers.

The firm is now working with GO Technology to convert its in-house phone server to a VOIP system.

“He does a lot because I don’t want to,” said the partner. That’s time a busy lawyer can put to better use serving clients.

In addition, the partner says it is a tremendous relief to know that as technology advances, the lawyers won’t have to worry about whether they are keeping up.

“I don’t have computer anxiety now,” he said. “Let’s face it: law firms don’t change that much over time. We’re not cutting edge.”

Technology Support that Doesn’t Leave You Hanging

Does your law firm have the reliable IT support you need to keep things running smoothly both day-to-day and when trouble strikes?

Don’t take the chance of using an IT provider that doesn’t understand the nature of your organization or won’t go the extra mile to be there when you need them.

At GO Technology Group, we understand law firms, and the demands on lawyers’ time. Lawyers should not have to worry about whether their technology can keep up. Too much is at stake to suffer IT service that leaves you waiting or wondering when you can get back to the business of practicing law. We’re here to make sure your technology works for you – at the pace your work requires.

Get Started with a Technology Assessment

With white glove support, 15-minute response time and deep expertise in the hardware and software you use, including practice, document and case management software, mobile devices, servers and the cloud, GO Technology leaves you free to practice law without “computer anxiety.”

If that sounds like the kind of IT support your law firm could use, contact us and we’ll provide you with a complimentary technology assessment – and perhaps a bit of IT therapy – to get started.

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