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Our founders had spent many years running large IT departments in Fortune 500 corporations. GO was born through the idea of taking all the knowledge they had in large organizations and being able to segment it down to use within small and medium sized companies. They wanted to make an impact…

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IT Outsourcing

Whether you have an in-house staff or no IT staff presence at all, we can effectively manage all the pieces of your technology. With a response time of less than 15 minutes, find out why our customer love our support and service.

Disaster Recovery

GO will work your business team to determine what tolerance your business has for downed systems. We then cater a plan around your business to make sure we meet the requirements you have to make sure systems are running.

IT Projects/Upgrades

Whether you have a small technology environment or a large one, GO can handle any type. We specialize in determining how well your current environment is working for you and helping you get to the right size.

Cloud Technology

Whether you're looking to add a few applications or your entire IT environment into "The Cloud", we can quickly assess what makes financial and business sense as it relates to this technology and get you up in running.

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