Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)MDM is a solution from managed IT service providers like GO Technology Group that secures, controls and updates software running on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices used by schools, government agencies and businesses.

The primary benefit of MDM is that mobile device users get the most functionality out of their devices while protecting them—and your organization—from inappropriate content and cybercrime, all from a central location so each device doesn’t have to be manually updated when changes are needed. MDM is ideal if you need to manage over 100 mobile devices, especially if you don’t have a dedicated IT resource to update them manually.

How MDM Works

MDM software has two parts: endpoint software that runs on each device and a management console that typically runs in the cloud). GO Technology Group manually installs MDM endpoint software on each device, which is often the last time a manual update will be needed.

When mobile device updates are needed, GO Technology Group then deploys them from using the MDM software’s management console.

MDM can also be deployed on the personal devices of employees in “bring your own device” (BYOD) environments. To prevent invasions of privacy, MDM software can be configured using some combination of privacy settings to ensure access only to company-related applications.

Three MDM Solutions

While GO Technology Group can implement and operate any MDM solution, we’ve found three that work really well.


Meraki Systems Manager is one of the most effective and well-known MDM solutions available for provisioning, securing and monitoring software running on mobile devices that integrates easily with your network. Learn more >


For those using its cloud-based web filter and AI-based scanning of email, Docs and Drive, Securly MDM allows you to update its software along with any other software on your devices, and is very cost-effective. The only issue with Securly MDM is that it’s tied to each student’s email address, so each device needs to be manually updated when used by a different student.  Is this a school web page?  Typically MDM like Securly is primarily used in school. Learn more >


MDM is provided by Google for each Chromebook. You pay a one-time licensing fee, which covers MDM use for the life of the Chromebook.

Get Started Today

To see if MDM from GO Technology is the right fit for you, contact us. Once we understand the devices you use, who uses them and what you want to achieve, we’ll walk you through the options, make recommendations and implement the best fit solution for you.

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