In Their Own Words: The Impact of Exceptional IT Service

When we decided to move forward with GO, we ran into quite a bind. Our prior technology company had decided they were not going to provide us our data and support during the transition. I was extermely concerned about us having a major business disruption. I was amazed at how professional and un-phased the GO team was during the transition. They stayed up until the early morning to make everything happen and work correctly, making sure that things ran as smoothly as possible. Our team had no idea that we had transitioned to a new firm overnight. Of course, once they met the GO team, they realized that things were going to be different around here. We feel great about the changes we've made!
By Dan S. - Medical Industry
Running a business that is heavily dependent on telephone communication is difficult in itself. Especially when it suddenly is no longer working and clients cannot call in. During this nightmare, multiple vendors had told me I needed to replace equipment and I wouldn't be able to offer my clients voice mail services until that equipment was replaced. GO managed the whole process and pushed on our vendors to find other means to get things done. They were able to coordinate and get everything back up and running without the expense of other equipment. I couldn't believe how quickly they responded and made sure we were taken care of. Thanks!
By Donna C. - Office Leasing
I recommend GO to any business looking for IT solutions. They explained technology so it was easy to understand-this gave me the confidence to make intelligent and effective business decisions. They're affordable solutions and services far exceed any other provider we have ever dealt with!
By Earl F. - Law Firm
I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you know how happy we are with the services your company provides. It is such a difference from the experience we have had previously. I also wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the level of service that Paul provides. He has been really great! He is responsive and available, even for things that are occurring in off hours. I know he has to juggle multiple clients and issues, sometimes simultaneously, but he manages to do so while still making us feel like the most important clients. As his employer, I thought it important to know what a great job he’s doing.
By Gretchen M.