Logikcull eDiscovery Software

Logikcull LogoDid you know that 97% of all data that gets swept up in the dragnet of disputes and investigations is completely irrelevant. Pure noise. And that noise is making discovery an expensive, complex and insecure nightmare.

That’s why Logikcull was developed: to cull the noise so you can quickly, affordably and securely find the data signal. With Logikcull, corporate legal teams, law firms and government agencies of all sizes can organize and cull the noise with fully automated, end-to-end discovery and legal holds. That’s why it’s the go-to discovery platform for more than 1,500 organizations and 38,000+ users worldwide.

GO Technology Group is an authorized partner of Logikcull. Simply put, we’ve found Logikcull to be the most affordable eDiscovery software we’ve ever used. We discovered Logikcull when one of our law firm clients asked for help on a case. They needed a way to get email, documents, text messages, and more all in one place and searchable instead of trying to manage this with Outlook. With Logikcull, you just need to upload everything to it and start searching. This platform affordably allowed our client law firm to deal with the larger firms that required heavy eDiscovery access to data.

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Search: Automated Filtering for Fast Fact Finding

Logikcull Advanced Search Builder

Are you poking around with keywords trying to get lucky? There’s a better way.

With Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence™, you can easily drill down on all kinds of criteria and metadata to quickly eliminate irrelevant documents and surface the stuff that matters. So, if you can find a pair of shoes with Amazon, you can find the smoking gun.

Logikcull automatically indexes and makes searchable several hundred metadata fields, so you never have to worry about something slipping through the cracks. Logikcull even indexes stop words and special characters – no corners are cut. From there, you can dig into the data with an arsenal of search tools, from bulk term searching, to auto-privilege tagging, to doc similarity detection.

Self-Serve Production & Sharing

Logikcull Downloads

Name your download. Select your format. Choose your metadata fields. Apply your Bates range… And that’s it. In Logikcull, creating a production is as easy as clicking “download” or “share.” Either use suggested templates or customize your own. Then share through a secure, access-restricted link with a built-in audit trail.

If you’re still relying on physical media, FTP or email to send productions, stop chancing it. Logikcull is a closed-loop platform, so you can securely share documents and productions directly through the application. With ShareSafe™, Logikcull’s Dropbox-like sharing feature, just add the requestor’s email address to a production to ensure receipt.

Hitting send doesn’t have to be stressful or risky. Take “inadvertent production” out of your lexicon with automated privilege detection and quality control warnings that flag production errors. Logikcull will let you know if you’ve included an errant metadata field or checked over-inclusive family settings.

Get More out of Your Logikcull Investment

While Logikcull is easy to use, especially with its drag and drop interface, our law firm clients count on us to set it up, troubleshoot—with a response time no longer than 15-minutes—and use it effectively. Let us know what we can do for you.

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