Microsoft Power Apps: Simple, Cost-Effective App Development

Power AppsNow you can have your own custom apps developed at a fraction of the cost

Is there any internal or external customer data you’d like to capture without the manual effort of working in Excel?

Perhaps you’ve considered developing an app to capture this information but recoil with sticker shock at developers quoting charges of $30,000 to $100,000+?

Using Microsoft Power Apps, GO Technology can develop new and custom apps for you to capture any information you want combined with workflow automation and reporting – for a fraction of what you had to pay in the past.

What Are Microsoft Power Apps?

Power Apps is software that provides a rapid development environment to build custom apps for your organization’s needs. Using Power Apps, GO Technology Group can quickly build custom business apps that capture data from your employees, customers or other users. We can then blend data from other systems to make it all work seamlessly for operational and reporting purposes.

Power Apps provides rich business logic and workflow capabilities to transform manual business operations into automated digital processes. Power Apps also features a responsive design to run seamlessly in any browser and on any device (computer, phone or tablet).

More importantly, Power Apps “democratizes” the business-app-building experience by enabling the creation of feature-rich, custom business apps developed without a lot of code.

Example Applications

Below are examples of custom apps developed with Power Apps:

  • Customer appointment systems, especially for businesses providing a consumer service
  • Shared office calendars that automatically pull in everyone’s Outlook calendars
  • Water meter readings for cities and villages: homeowners post water meter readings on their website vs. employees having to visit
  • Inventory management for businesses with limited accounting/ERP software (e.g. QuickBooks)
  • Anything else that can be captured in Excel spreadsheets
  • Interactive maps
  • Heathrow Airport created a translation app for passengers

Get Started Today

To get the functionality of what Power Apps can provide, you used to have to commission mobile or web apps that were highly specialized, rigid and costly, which is why only large organizations used them.

Now you can have apps developed for nearly anything, with incredible flexibility and a cost-effective price.

The best part: Power Apps comes with Microsoft Office 365, so it’s free to try. Simply contact us, share what you’d like to capture, streamline and automate and we’ll scope out a project that will likely cost far less than you think.

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