Microsoft Power BI Business Intelligence Software

Power BI
Automated & Customizable Reporting for a Fraction of the Price of Other BI Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) software helps you make better decisions by creating custom reports and dashboards that pull data from almost any source: ERP, CRM, Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Analytics, social media channels, IoT hardware – just about any source you can think of.

If you’re a small business or nonprofit and have explored using SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle BI, Tableau, or other BI software, you probably experienced sticker shock at the price of the software, not to mention the professional services needed to customize and maintain it.

Microsoft Power BI offers the same capabilities for a fraction of the cost and is also more cost-effective to use and customize – especially when you partner with GO Technology Group.

Power BI Client Examples

Trucking Broker

We put the power of real-time alerts and ERP reporting to work for a trucking broker. By integrating it with their trucking ERP system, we quickly provided real-time reporting to end users through Power BI in the cloud.

With this real-time data, their brokers can quickly find and close deals, while executive management can keep tabs on how the entire organization is operating at any moment.

Additionally, all data is secured so that only authorized employees can access it. Executives and brokers can view the custom cloud ERP reporting on personalized dashboards they can customize and use to create their own reports at any time.

Financial Services Firm

For one of our financial clients that collects information from a variety of different systems, implementing Power BI was a breeze. We identified all the data needed and centralized it within Power BI. Once the data was staged and configured in a manner that the team understood, they were able to quickly design and create custom reports for both desktop and mobile access. From here, they built all the customer dashboards and KPIs that give them even more visibility into the business and how it operates on a daily basis.

At a cost of $10/mo. for each end user, the ROI makes using Power BI easily justifiable. With visibility and agility to move at the speed of business, the investment was recouped within weeks.

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Power BI captures data from anywhere, leaving you with unlimited possibilities for improving your productivity and decision-making. Simply tell us what you need to see on a daily basis, from whatever data sources you choose, and we’ll create an executive dashboard for you within your budget.

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