Private School Managed IT Services

Technology That Works for You, Not the Other Way Around

Student safety is paramount for private schools teaching in both digital and classroom environments, but how do you know that your students are protected, your office workers can work without disruption, and your technology is truly secure?

For our private school clients, including several within the Archdiocese of Chicago, managed IT and cybersecurity services means taking advantage of technology for in-class and remote learning, increasing staff productivity, and staying one step ahead of cyber threats. Identifying and mitigating those threats early is key to maintaining a secure system.

End-to-End Student Safety

Our partnership with Securly allows schools to monitor email, documents, computers, mobile devices, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and more with real-time, AI-based notifications of nudity, violence, cyberbullying, and risk of self-harm and suicide.

These technologies give school administration control into student usage on a minute-by-minute basis.  These organizations can manage risk by understanding technology usage which ultimately gives them visibility that allows them to efficiently manage the classroom and student engagement.  Faculty to can rest easy that their class is focused on learning, creating a successful environment for their students.

School Internet & Networking

As a teacher in class, nothing can be more frustrating than playing tech support for the classroom. When student learning devices aren’t connecting to the wireless network, it can be very challenging and a waste of time that takes away from learning. Having a consistent and stable connection from anywhere on campus takes some design and management that schools don’t want to deal with. We will assess, gather requirements, and ultimately design a WiFi network that is stable, consistent and reliable.

Having a stable and sufficient internet connection is also critical. Having a great WiFi connection won’t guarantee success if your internet service provider’s connection is inconsistent and unreliable. We will monitor your internet connection every minute and, when we see issues, we immediately reach out to your ISP to manage outages, issues and whatever it takes to get you back up and running correctly.

Through our network of partners, we can help ensure that you have the right internet provider and backup plans so that your classroom and office technology is always available.

Mobile Device Management

As the number of student devices increases on your campus, so does the complexity of managing those devices including updating them and keeping them running as efficiently as possible.

Having to manually touch every single device every time a change or an update is needed is disruptive, including for students in the classroom.

As new education apps and tools become available, gathering every device, installing the app, and returning them to your students is challenging. Centrally managing this from allows you to deploy new apps and tools within minutes.

Keeping track of all devices is tedious and what happens when a student loses the device? Are you able to determine where the device is, and can you remotely wipe the device so nothing is traced back to the school if it gets into the wrong hands?

Mobile device management platforms like Meraki, JamF, and Maas360 make it incredible easy to manage devices and keep tabs on them. Adding tools, updating and securing student devices can be completed in minutes and is is a much easier process.

If students misplace or lose a device, you can easily determine its last location. Finally, if you know you can’t recover it, you can lock and wipe the device which makes it very difficult for that device to be accessed or ever used again.

Classroom Technology

What other tools would be useful in your classrooms? Smartboard technology increases student engagement and understanding in the classroom.

Being partners with various smartboard providers, we can help assess what’s needed in the classroom as well as assisting in their implementation.

Additionally, we help your faculty understand how these tools work so they can take advantage of this technology, which helps improve the student experience.

If smartboard technology is a bucket list item that may not fit within your budget, we can provide guidance on other technologies like Promethean interactive displays to Apple TV that can assist in the classroom learning process.

Cybersecurity for Schools

Are you prepared for a cyber-attack? As private schools increasingly utilize online schooling and digital learning tools, the risk of cyber threats is higher than ever – many school districts having already been attacked. Maintaining the integrity of the virtual classroom means taking precautionary steps to thwart attacks before they occur.

Private schools store vast amounts of sensitive information, making them an attractive target for cybercriminals. Potential security breaches can come from vulnerabilities throughout your network and devices, exposing schools to ransomware, malware, phishing, and more.

GO Technology offers holistic cybersecurity solutions, including robust malware and antivirus protection, regular reviews and updates of security procedures, and disaster recovery strategies in the event of an attack.

Backups & Ransomware Protection

Based on your risk tolerance, GO Technology will develop a backup system to meet your safety requirements and protect against ransomware attempts. Without a strategy for ransomware protection, schools often face paying $100,000 or more to regain their information and systems.

A robust back-up system includes a combination of online, near-line and offline back-ups so you can recover from backup instead of having to pay.

VOIP for Private Schools

Private schools that rely on poor quality analog phone lines and PBXs can benefit from transitioning to voice over IP (VOIP), which offers better features for a fraction of the cost.

Education Technology Landscape Assessment

Not sure where to start? GO Technology Group can conduct a technology landscape assessment for you. We will assess your situation and needs, plan your technology improvements, implement the plan, and support you with 15-minute response rates and monthly tracking – empowering you to do more with less headache.

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