About Us

GO is your technology partner. We provide technical capabilities that enable small and medium sized businesses to do great things.  Our overall goal is to create a dynamic partnership with companies in order to help enable their business using technology to help drive technology value, decrease costs, and enhance overall business processes.We owe all our success to our customers.  Because they have chosen GO for their technology service provider, we have been able to drive significant change through their businesses.  This drive for change has allowed us to create great change in and has made us a stronger company.

Why choose us

15 minute response time

Frustrated not knowing if your IT partner is actually looking at your issue? We strive to get back immediately to our clients as we know how important it is to know that things are on their way to a resolution.

Dedicated Team resolving issues 95% on the first call

Responding to an issue quickly is great. Getting resolution of your issue on the first try 95% of the time is even better.

Saving you $$

With our non-technical approach to saving you money. We take the time to learn how you operate and help you make the right IT decisions, saving you on average 30% on your overall IT support and spending.

Geek speak not-allowed

Our teams primary focus is building relationship with our clients. We've mastered the art of communicating in a non-technical matter so that things get resolved quickly and most efficiently.



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