Securly Student Safety & Device Management

End-to-end Student Safety & Device Management for Schools

Securly Student Safety Software
Keep your students safe on all devices with Securly’s cloud-based web filter and AI-based scanning of email, Docs and Drive. Get full visibility into the online activity of your students and receive notifications for signs of cyberbullying, suicide and adult content in images.

GO Technology Group is a proud partner of this technology because it protects children and saves lives – what could be more important than that? Contact us to understand which Securly products make the most sense for your school, how they can be implemented in a way to provide maximum student protection, and for a demo and pricing.

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Technology Products


Deliver a safer, more educational web for all your students, on any device, anywhere they go.

Scalable, cloud-based web filtering for every device—including Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, and Windows devices. AI-based monitoring of cyberbullying, suicide, and violence.

Securly Filtering
Securly Auditor


Real-time scanning of email, attachments, Docs, Drive, and OneDrive for AI-based notifications of dark content, nudity, cyberbullying, suicide, and violence. Get alerts based on context, not just keywords.

The 24 Team

Student safety never sleeps. A highly-trained team of specialists work with Securly AI to analyze flagged activity notifications, on a 24/7 basis.

A thorough risk assessment of the student is performed, identifying concerning trends and patterns. When urgent intervention is needed, the 24 Team acts fast to notify the school.

When the 24 team calls, you know it’s critical.

Securly 24 Team
Securly Filtering


Give students, parents, and teachers an open line of anonymous communication to speak up when something feels wrong.

When someone submits a tip, a thorough risk assessment is performed. When an alert is determined to be urgent, it follows an escalation process to notify the school.

With Tipline, you get the alerts that need your attention.


Cloud-based classroom device management for Chromebooks allows teachers to guide and monitor online activities, keep students focused, and communicate directly with the class.

Most importantly, Classroom helps teachers do what they do best: guide lessons, monitor student progress, and keep the focus on learning.

Securly Classroom
Securly Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM allows for cloud-based management of Apple devices in schools.

With a focus on education, Securly has built every feature with school needs in mind. Securly MDM helps keep students on task.


Wave goodbye to the stress that comes with sending school devices home. Home allows you to customize parental control over their child’s school device when they go home.

With Securly Home, you will give parents the control they need to easily manage their child’s screen time with activity.

Securly Home
Securly Visitor Management

Visitor Management

With visitor sign-in and identity checks, you will instantly know every person that visits, and alert authorities when a visitor is flagged during the process.

For example, if an on-campus visitor is a registered sex offender (where supported), has a custody violation, or is on a campus watch list – you will be instantly alerted

Securly visitor management also prints badges for all visitors, listing their name, reason for the visit, picture, time, and date. You can then easily review reports of all visitors with these details.

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